Nacionalni park "Plitvička jezera"


Forest Ecosystem Department

  1. Recording and analysis of surfaces and trees affected by drying (fungi, bark bugs) and weather conditions (wind, thunder, ice, snow etc.) - Expert Team
  2. Monitoring of the bark beetle population in spruce stands – Expert Team
  3. An estimate of forest damage at the Plitvice Lakes Park area in line with an international program for assessment and monitoring of air pollution impact on forests – Expert Team in cooperation with the Forest Institute in Jastrebarsko.
  4. Monitoring of bark beetle population in spruce stands – Expert Team


Water Ecology Sub-Unit

  1. Monitoring of parameters affecting water quality, eutrophication and travertine formation
  2. Monitoring of hydrology parameters
  3. National water monitoring by Croatian Waters and monitoring of the area of sources and freshwater supply reservoirs by Public Health Institute in Gospić