Nacionalni park "Plitvička jezera"

Cycling trails

IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Associations)

1. Ride only on open trails
Do not venture on closed trails (ask if in doubt). Avoid trespassing on private property.

2. Do not leave wheel tracks.
Be kind to the ground underneath your wheels. Leave only the smallest possible impact on the trails. Stay on the existing trail, do not seek new ones. Do not cut curves.

3. Keep control over your bike.
Even a moment of carelessness may mean trouble. Obey all the rules and speed limits.

4. Always give way.
Give early warning about your coming. Say hello or ring a bell, this is a sign of politeness. Do not startle other people on the path.

5. Never scare the animals.
Animals are disturbed by unannounced arrivals, sudden movements or noise. This can be dangerous! Scaring cattle away and disturbing wild animals is a serious offense.

6. Do your homework
You must prepare all your equipment, know your abilities and do preliminary research about the area you are riding through – plan in advance!

Never count on other people! Always wear a helmet and safety equipment!